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We custom-build software robots so that you can automate menial tasks and focus on more meaningful, human-driven work.

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Modern Day Strategy 101

A brief introduction to our company.

What do we do?

Modern Day Strategy is a boutique software consulting firm specialising in Robotic Process Automation (RPA). RPA is a cutting edge technology that holds the power to automate tasks through the use of software robots. It's an advanced form of business process automation that is able to record tasks performed by a human on their computer, then perform those same tasks without human intervention.

Using our in-house developed software, our work centers around creating bespoke end-to-end automation solutions for our clients. We work with you to build a digital workforce, using the latest in automation technologies.

What are the benefits of RPA?


By removing repetitive effort and reducing the overall processing time for basic jobs, RPA significantly increases the productivity output per employee.


Process optimization is the foremost goal of RPA. By applying automation, companies can streamline their workflows, eliminate errors and disruptions, and complete projects fast.


Deployed with a minimal upfront investment, low-maintenance automation bots bring immediate ROI and enable reduced operational costs — all of that leads to significant savings.


Robotic automation solutions are 100% accurate, which leaves your data clean and well-organized, productivity intact, and service quality — flawless.


As they reduce routine grunt work, software bots take the burden of tedious tasks off your employees’ shoulders and empower them to unleash their full potential.


Strategic decision-making relies on actionable insights. By organizing key data and providing quick access to crucial information, RPA helps leaders make timely, informed decisions.


RPA solutions keep a record of every operation and reliably follow the established rules, providing businesses with traceability and full oversight of their data and processes.

Who do we work with?

We partner with a wide range of companies to help them leverage technology in order to cut operational costs and free up time to focus on more meaningful, human-driven work.

We are currently focussed on servicing clients across South Africa, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

Why choose Modern Day Strategy?

Modern Day Strategy can provide immense value where few others can, due to our willingness to treat your specific problems with the attention that they require, and our focus on building long term relationships with clients that allows us to deliver ongoing improvements without exorbitant costs.

How do we stand out?


Our organisation is led by seasoned experts who have worked on large scale automation and operational improvement projects at leading global companies such as Credit Suisse, Bank of America, UBS, Philips, and G4S. Using our in-house RPA solutions and expertise, we’re able to help our clients build solutions that automate entire and complex workflows, as opposed to just an RPA step within a larger problem. We also recognise the need for a human element in many automation solutions, such as checking and making small edits to sensitive data before it is entered into a system, so we always build beautiful user interfaces to facilitate this where necessary. Finally, our solutions are complemented with audit tracking and monitoring features, offering full visibility of what your robots are doing, so that you can have confidence in the process, while still enjoying the benefits of automation.


Because we rely on our own expertise to develop and integrate automation solutions, we’re able to offer our clients a much more attractive and transparent pricing structure in comparison to off-the-shelf RPA tool providers and resellers thereof. Importantly, we charge a flat fee for our service without any additional costs for scaling or increased usage. Also, as a one-stop shop, we manage the bot ourselves and make ongoing changes to keep it functional when external systems change, removing the need to hire RPA consultants.


Our relatively small firm size allows us to provide a level of service to our clients that software giants with plug- and-play, one-size-fits-all automation systems generally can't. We work closely with management, IT and operations to understand the current workflow and identify its inefficiencies. Each situation is unique, warranting bespoke automation solutions. With proven results, we help our clients expand our joint success to modernise their business. With over 85% of our revenue coming from repeat customers, we provide ongoing support and build long-term relationships.

How to get started?

We advise clients looking to start with RPA to identify rule based and repetitive tasks within their organization that don’t require a lot of human judgement. We can help identify areas suitable for automation, help you start your first project, and build an infrastructure from which you can expand your automation efforts.

If you're interested, we'd love to discuss this further with you. With no upfront commitment required, we'll review your business processes to see if RPA could be a good fit for your business.