We custom-build software robots to automate your most resource-intensive processes with superhuman speed, consistency, and accuracy.

In our experience, the adoption of various technologies throughout an organization can be messy. Through the use of various technology platforms, processes are often rife with inefficient practices that don’t scale well.

Modern Day Strategy smooths over these friction points with minimum risk by building meta software layers on top of existing systems. Each situation is unique, warranting bespoke automation solutions. Modern Day Strategy specializes in delivering solution-problem fit by building a long-term working relationship and an intimate understanding of each company’s unique needs and challenges.

Our Expertise

We were founded on a mission to help clients build tailored automation solutions that work for their unique processes. Using our in-house RPA solutions and expertise in the latest in automation technologies, we’re able to help our clients build solutions that automate entire and complex workflows.

Below are some examples of solutions that we can help deliver through using RPA.

Log into applications

RPA bots can log into websites, systems, and applications.


Able to read and extract text and images from scanned and low quality documents.

Data migration

Able to convert tabular data into RPA actions for entry into new systems.

Web scraping

Robots can automatically interact with and pull data from disparate websites and portals.

Validate and retrieve data

RPA bots can connect to a database to perform data queries and validation.

Compile reports

Finance and accounting use RPA to collect data and compile it into custom reports.

User interfaces

Clean UI's for audit tracking, monitoring bots and allowing manual checks and human- driven steps.

Install tools and plugins

With RPA, it takes a single click to run installations of complex software systems.

Input information

Apart from retrieving data, bots can add information to various systems and apps.

Classify products

Automation bots eliminate the manual effort of assigning product categories.

Send notifications

Automated notification systems help you keep your finger on the pulse.

Forward simple queries

Service robots forward emails and tickets to human operators and customers.

Our process

Our role is participatory and always informed by both the company’s vision and the specific needs of the business. We don’t outsource work, use third party providers, or compromise on our level of service and robustness. We act as hands-on partners and serve our clients end-to-end where we help with project assessment, process design, development, testing, reporting, and maintenance. The result is fast, accurate and efficient ventures — Modern Day Business, as we say.

Consult +

We work closely with management, IT and operations to understand the current workflow and identify its inefficiencies. With an eye on KPIs, we’ll identify areas within your business that are suitable for automation and measure success in the form of ROI.

Design +

We leverage our expertise to design automation solutions tailored to your specific pain points. Each situation is unique, warranting bespoke automation solutions. With beautifully designed user interfaces and dashboards, we're able to automate your activities while maintaining transparency, so that you can have full confidence in the process, while still enjoying the benefits of automation.


We deliver with minimal risk by building meta software layers (“bots”) on top of existing systems to mimic human behaviour. With proven results, we help our clients expand our joint success to modernize their business. With over 85% of our revenue coming from repeat customers, we provide ongoing support and build long-term relationships.

Our team

We’re a small, dedicated team, passionate about helping clients automate their business. We're seasoned experts who have worked on large scale automation and operational improvement projects at leading global companies like Credit Suisse, Bank of America, UBS, Philips and G4S.

Marcel Du Ry

Marcel Du Ry

Operations & Business Development


Matthew Sinclair

Matthew Sinclair

Data & Technology


Rob Sinclair

Rob Sinclair

Senior Software Engineer


Alex Sinclair

Alex Sinclair

Software Engineer